Kurort Schlema

Radon therapy

Radon therapy in Bad Schlema

Our therapy centre, opened in October, 1998, with its attached bathing establishment ACTINON, offers you aside from site-specific radon baths a large number of first-class therapeutic treatments.

Radon, one of the most significant natural remedies, has a pain- relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the human body.

Effectiveness of radon

Curative waters containing amounts of radon are one of the most effective remedies the nature has to offer. It not only stimulates the human self-healing power, but also boosts our immune system and mobilizes hormones which can have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Medical indication

During almost one hundred years of radon therapy, some disease patterns have been established in which radon was shown to be effective. Chronic disorders in the muscoloskeletal system, as well as chronic pain are just a few to name here.

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Health treatment

Our options for a therapeutic health treatment in our facilities: You can chose between a preventive treatment or a rehabilitating service covered by your health insurance (f.e. a spa therapy), or you are in the possession of a prescription of your doctor. Of course, you can also use our facilities in Bad Schlema as an individual if you wish to do so.

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