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The pre-Christmas season in Bad Schlema

The pre-Christmas season

Christmas concerts, the celebration of historic Mettenschichten, vesper services held at various places, pyramids, lovingly carved Christmas figures that display the skilled craftsmanship of their makers – all that you can find right here in Bad Schlema.

To visit all the magical places, you may have to walk up hill and down dale, but we promise you - it will be worth the effort.

Historic Mettenschichten

As part of a long-standing tradition, a Mettenschicht, a miner's last shift on Christmas Eve, is still being celebrated by former miners, guests or others who still venerate old customs. What made this last shift unique was a knocking sign by the pit foreman – a sign for the miners that their shift was terminated much earlier than was usual. In a festively decorated Huthaus, the pithead building or waiting room, the pit foreman would then give a brief sermon and say his blessings for which the miners would thank him in return by chanting their traditional songs. The ceremony was followed by a modest meal.

Various traditional restaurants in and around Bad Schlema give you the opportunity to experience your own historic Mettenschicht in the pre-Christmas season.

For times and dates please refer to the Visitor's Information Centre or to the list of events.

Historic Mettenschichten

Christmas carols and Christmas music

For many of us, Christmas carols or festive Christmas music have become an essential part of this special season. In churches in and around Bad Schlema you can listen to joyful hymns or religious songs or just visit the concerts of our town's own orchestra.

For times and dates please refer to the Visitor 's Information Centre or to the list of events.

Vesper service

Another delightful mining tradition, kept alive by those who share an interest in preserving the heritage, is an evening vesper service, followed by a procession of association members and interested parties, who march through the town of Bad Schlema as the winter night settles over the town.

For times and dates please refer to the Visitor Information Centre or to the list of events.

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