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Destinations for a day trip

Destinations for a day trip

It is no accident that the Erzgebirge belongs to the most charming and beautiful regions in Germany. Whether deep valleys or densely wooded mountain ranges, the Erzgebirge has far more to offer than its allure during the Christmas season.

Why not use Bad Schlema as your starting point for a day trip or excursion to one of the neighbouring towns?

The mountain town Bergstadt Schneeberg

The mountain town Bergstadt Schneeberg (distance approx. 2.5 km, approx. 2 miles)

Built on the town's hilltop, St. Wolfgang church dominates the townscape of this mountain town. Finished in 1539, the winged altar, made by Lucas Cranach the Elder, remains one of the main attractions of this late Gothic hall church. Downtown Schneeberg, characterized by its many baroque town houses, also houses several museums and exhibitions on the history of the town and region, on wood craft and traditional folk art.
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The town of Aue

The town of Aue (distance approx. 2.5 km, approx. 2 miles)

Known for its national league football team F.C.Erzgebirge Aue e.V. and handball team EHV Aue, the major county town features numerous Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau town houses that line its streets. In addition to a municipal museum, you may wish to visit the zoo which features mini-sized animals.
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The town of Lößnitz ©

The town of Lößnitz (distance approx. 8 km, approx. 8 miles)

Lößnitz is one of the oldest towns in the Erzgebirge. There the remains of an old town wall and a watch tower can be discovered. Its parish church houses one of the oldest bronze Carillons in Germany.
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The town of Schwarzenberg

The town of Schwarzenberg (distance approx. 13 km, approx. 8 miles)

Miles of hiking trails and educational trails in a unspoiled countryside can be discovered in and around Schwarzenberg. The town's landmark, however, has to be its mediaeval castle that is home to a museum and exhibits on the history of hand-made laces, such as the bobbin lace, for which the Erzgebirge has become famous. For more information on Schwarzenberg visit

Rathaus Zwickau

The city of Zwickau (distance approx. 13 km, approx. 8 miles)

When you are interested in automobiles, then the town of Zwickau with its August Horch Museum has to be your first choice. But also lovers of fine arts and old architecture will enjoy the city's flair. Moreover, Robert Schuman, one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era, was born in Zwickau.
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Schloss Lichtenstein

The town of Lichtenstein (distance approx. 25 km, approx. 15.5 miles)

Housed in the Schlosspalais, the renowned Deatz-Centrum, the first International Centre for the Art of Woodworking, offers interested visitants permanent and temporary exhibitions of wood carvings and sculptures from around the world. Well worth visiting too is the Lichtenstein Miniwelt, where famous buildings can be seen en miniature. And once there, why not take a stroll through the English or French park?
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Das Rathaus ©

The mountain town Annaberg-Buchholz (distance approx. 35 km, approx. 27.7 miles)

Rich deposits of tin and silver in the Erzgebirge established Annaberg and Buchholz (now Annaberg-Buchholz) as a mining centre, as evidenced by the number of exhibition mines still open to the public. Do not miss to visit the St. Anne's Church as it is the largest hall church in Saxony, built in late Gothic style. And who of us mathematicians and school children would not know Adam Ries, who lived and worked in Annaberg?
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The town of Oberwiesenthal (distance approx. 40 km, approx. 24.8 miles)

The famous ski resort town is noted for having the highest altitude in Germany. In the wintertime, hit the numerous ski slopes and cross country ski-tracks. Hiking and Nordic-Walking trails will make your stay in Oberwiesenthal a pleasure during the rest of the year.
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