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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

More than a hundred years ago, the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp developed a healing system of several tenets that has not lost its appeal and effectiveness in modern days.
Walking is an ideal sport for beginners or for those being more on the heavy side. Aside from being known as a fantastic way to do sports in a group, families, children or the elderly can hugely benefit from everything walking has to offer.

Add poles to the mix

and you can make your walking twice as affective. As it uses 90% of the skeletal muscles, its physical benefits are manyfold. Nordic Walking appeals to all ages and fitness levels and is even suitable for those with medical problems. Before starting any programme of sport, please consult your doctor or other health care professional.

You would like to participate in a Nordic-Walking-course for beginners or advanced walkers?
Every Monday, except on Bank Holidays, the Kneipp-Verein Bad Schlema e.V. arranges Nordic-Walking-courses that start with a short briefing and warm-up exercises. Appropriate sportswear and sports shoes are advisable.

Additional courses offered by the Kneipp-Verein Bad Schlema e.V. are:

  • Aerobics
  • aquarobics
  • exercises for the generation '50 plus'
  • gymnastics for the impaired and
  • preventive spinal exercises

For further information please call  +49 3772 / 38 15 06.