Bad Schlema
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Parks and grounds

Spa Garden
Wheelchair accessible
Total area: 18 ha
Water area: 2970 sq metres
Open all year round:
April – October 8 am – 11 pm
November – March 9 am – 6 pm

Plenty of attractions waiting for our guests: scenic view of ponds, game enclosure, playgrounds, sundial, scenic Cascade, a huge white shade sail and many more...


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Spa Gardens

When looking for a peaceful, quiet place to indulge in idleness, then why not take a stroll through our sightly recreation park that surrounds the spa facilities? There are many attractions to discover!
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From a time, when taking a cure at a spa was very fashionable and still a privilege of the rich, the Richard-Friedrich-Park can still give you an impression of those days. It can be found nestled between the Parkstraße and the Richard-Friedrich-Straße.

Kräutergarten am Karl-Aurand-Haus

Herbary at the Karl-Aurand-Haus

For those interested in regional herbs and the health pioneer Kneipp, there is a neat herbary close to the office of the Bad Schlema Kneipp-Verein e.V., situated just on the outskirts of our park.